More Information

Embareck Works by giving it’s clients the ability to gain more traffic to their businesses. By doing this, Embareck Ranks very high in Google, allowing us to gain more clicks on Embareck’s links over many subjects.

What happens when I rent a page?

Once a person chooses the page he/she wishes to rent, the URL of the current page will be changed to the renter’s URL. Allowing more traffic to be given to the renter’s website. If the buyer does not have a website but wishes to rent a page, a phone number and a picture of their office will be published on the rented page.

Can you provide a demo? Or give some kind of an example?

Sure! If you still are confused about the service, I will give a demo and a much clearer insight of how Embareck will help you and your business.

Can I cancel the subscription at any time? How would I go about doing that?
Yes. The link that I have provided gives clear and simple step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your subscription. —–> Instructions