Liberty Augmentation

Augmentation Liberty

If the search for beauty is timeless, then having the perfect smile is always in style. With an increase of injectable fillers on the market and a bevy of doctors claiming to be lip augmentation experts, we are unfortunately still seeing more and more botched procedures. Why is this an important area of concern for cosmetic dentists? The teeth and the overall structure of the mouth can play a major role in determining the shape of the lips, illustrating exactly why a cosmetic dentist is the true expert in performing procedures to enhance the lips and the surrounding area’s appearance. Lip augmentation is a carefully crafted art, and several factors exclusive to dental training are imperative in performing a successful procedure. Is Augmentation For You?

The concept of a cosmetic dentist performing lip and perioral augmentation is surprisingly shocking to some people. But if you think about it, a person wouldn’t visit a dermatologist for incessant headaches, so why would anyone visit any physician other than a cosmetic dentist when dealing with the mouth and its surrounding areas? As dentists we study the lower half of the face in great detail for up to six years, whereas a plastic surgeon studies the entire body in that same amount of time. Cosmetic dentists are the authority when approaching procedures pertaining to the oral facial area. They are able to combine the knowledge relevant to the oral cavity when performing lip augmentations, thus creating a complete oral makeover.

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