St. Louis Augmentation

Augmentation St. Louis

Cosmetic indications refer to lip size and shape.

An accurate physical examination determines the specific area of deficiency or desired enhancement. Specifically, evaluate the patient’s occlusion, maxillary-mandibular relations, and aging pattern. A general evaluation of the relation between the upper lip and the incisors reveals the appropriate course of action. Dr Bahaman Guyurion summarized the following algorithm approach to physical evaluation prior to lip augmentation:

Optimal incisor show – Conservative augmentation by fat transfer or dermis fat graft
Excessive incisor show – Augmentation by fat transfer or dermis fat graft
Inadequate incisor show, long lip – Lip shortening and lift with incision at nasal base (“buffalo horn”) in young patients with acute columella-labial angle or incision at vermillion border in older patients with perioral rhytids
Inadequate incisor show, normal lip length – Maxillary lengthening with possible lip augmentation

Cosmetic deformities of the lips include both congenital and acquired etiologies. Some patients never develop adequate fullness in the lips; others develop atrophy of the soft tissue of the lips as they age. Is Augmentation For You?

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